The goal of our Laboratory in Astroinformatics at the CMM (Center for Mathematical Modeling) is to develop tools and human capacities that support the development of astronomy today. There is no doubt that part of astronomy is becoming a science of large volumes of data and the study and understanding of these data requires the development of new ideas in: mathematical modeling, data mining, statistics, image processing, visualization of data in many dimensions, processing and data storage, among others.

At CMM we have taken this challenge and we want to enhance it beyond the current state of development. We have the right skills to take this challenge: a group of world class mathematicians, scientist and engineers in the various laboratories at CMM, all with high rates of productivity and a proven interest in scientific applications.

Currently, the astroinformatics laboratory is working on automated detection and classification of astronomical objects, analysis and classification of transient events, reconstruction of interferometric images, and handling and modelling of astronomical data. We are also key members of the ALeRCE project, a project which aims to classify and react to large volumes of alerts produced by the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope and other survey telescopes.

All these projects are being developed under collaboration with astronomers from Chile, mainly from the Millennium Institute for Astrophysics, and from other universities abroad (Harvard, Caltech, U. Michigan, Georgia Tech, U. Washington, Universitá Federico II – Napoli).

We have also signed a cooperation agreement with Harvard, with whom we organize the Harvard Chile Data Science School every year since 2014.

Research Members

Jaime San Martín, PhD (CMM)
Francisco Förster, PhD (CMM/MAS)
Juan Carlos Maureira, PhD (CMM)
Eduardo Vera, PhD (CMM/DIE-UCh)

Guillermo Cabrera, PhD (MAS/DCC-U.Conce.)
Pablo Estévez, PhD (MAS/DIE-UCh)
Pablo Huijse, PhD (MAS/DIE-UCh)